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800 m


4:09 mi


Pretty fun race, went by in a blur. Splits were something like 30.2, 30.9, 31.2, 31.4. Pretty even overall. It is definitely a shock to the system being in a track 800 after just training for races like GLR or even the marathon. The front of the field went out very fast - I was in the back. First guy probably went through around high-27, low-28 and I just thought to myself that these people never learn (the guy who led the first 400 ended up running something like a 2:07-2:08). I just held steady, felt pretty good coming through in 61. I never really felt like I slowed down, I just could not really run any faster. My legs didn't fall apart, which shows some evidence of all the strength training and I was not gasping for air in the last lap, but I was definitely running as fast as I was capable of going in this moment. I handed off in 4th to Hearne who ran 2:05, Jorg ran 2:15 -_-, and Mike ran 2:12.