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4:20 PM

1.1 mi


5:30 mi


173 bpm
189 bpm
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I’m very happy with this. 4:58 is what I saw crossing the line and hit the watch soon after. Only saw the split at 200 (34) and just focused on running from there. Fell a little back of Hudson and Mohammed on lap two (2:28) and knew that if I didn’t make a move on Mohammed on lap three id slow down so I committed to that after 1k. Hudson looked pretty far away but I heard 3:45 and thought it might as well commit to it. Felt pretty much the same from 400 to 1400 in that I felt tired but never felt worse. At 1400, Hudson had maybe 15-20 meters but I knew I had a kick. I closed it down and probably got it to about five meters but he had a nice kick in.

This was a really euphoric feeling and I gave a fist pump at the line because I just wanted to have a better run than I did in June. I’ve now broken five every year since 2009. I just want to bottle up a little of what I felt today and carry it around with me for a gloomy day