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6600 m


6:42 mi


32 F


9 / 10
9 / 10
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Pretty good workout today. Did not really have any idea what I was going to do before I started running. My 1K workout tuesday demonstrated to me that I am lacking speed endurance, which makes a lot of sense as I have not really gotten to that phase of training yet and I've also mentioned I'm lacking the strength to hold a pace (faster than threshold). I was thinking about a fartlek or repeat miles, but also started thinking about how much hills helped me last year. I remembered a workout I saw on Flotrack where I think UM or MSU were doing long extended hills and Grant Fisher's coach was also talking about the same thing (bit of a tangent - anyways). There is a really long hill and elevation shows it goes up ~100 feet over the course of 600 meters (almost exactly 600 which I was wondering about while doing it). I just wanted to push up the steep parts and hit the crest and run over that too. I was aiming for about 6-8, not really too sure. Since recovery was just running down the hill, which took around 3 minutes every time, I settled with 6 which worked well. I was pretty happy with this. I ran well and felt like I got a GOOD, tough effort in (something I haven't walked away from a workout with yet this season).

Jeff gave me an idea for a workout that I can make the staple of transitioning to speed going forward, so I am going to do that next tuesday and a good LR Sunday.