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800 m


4:12 mi

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Weird/slow race. There were three guys in front of me at the 200. I passed two of them over the next 100 and was in second place thinking I was going to win the race. We went through at 62, which was not bad at all. I hit 300 and was gearing up to go when all of a sudden this one kid came out of nowhere and flew past me. I think that shocked me and it took me a few seconds to register what happened. I started giving chase and passed the kid who was originally in the lead and was trying to chase down the last guy. Apparently the guy I passed pulled even with me with like 10 meters to go, I did not even see him until the finish line. I ran 2 62's, so that was good. I think I left a few seconds out there on the first lap though with nobody brave enough to take it out (you know I'm not). Anyway, I will get one more 800 at North Central and hopefully it turns out well. I'm not sure I will break 2 like everyone keeps telling me to get over with, but I'll come damn close.