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2400 m


4:33 mi


9 / 10
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Hay in the barn, don't get hurt/dont get fired workout. Wanted to start with some pace work (not much) and just focus on getting faster. Did 1.5 recovery for the 400s, 3 minutes after the 65, and then 2x recovery for 200s. Overall, I felt strong. I still think I was a little zapped from the weekend and I still got a little mucusy going on in the sinuses because I'm blowing it all out after each rep. I think my strength is right where I need it to be and I think my speed is actually coming around (for the little that I've done). The next couple days I'm not going to push it - I'll probably get in strides, maybe some pickups Thursday during my run. Just gotta get my sleep and rest up to be ready to go Saturday.