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4:04 mi

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I was the second leg of the 4x8 today. I got the baton ~20 meters back. I tried going after the guy in first. Ohio State was a non-factor. I closed it the first lap to where I was a second or two back, but then he opened it up on the back stretch and I waited until the last 200 to start closing it again. I still feel as though I could have caught him. I do not feel like I gave 100% so I am disappointed in myself for that. I was worried the final straightaway for a variety of reasons... gotta stop thinking. I did what I wanted though. I went out in 57-58 feeling pretty good. Just didn't close.

Anywho we got 2nd to Delaware which I'm more frustrated about. There isn't time for excuses after the race. We didn't accomplish the goal. 2-flat was secondary in this race. I wanted to win... we'll just have to wait until tomorrow.