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5 km


5:36 mi

Race Result

8 / 435 (1.8%)
4 / 27 (14.8%)
8 / 220 (3.6%)


5:24, 5:49, 6:08 (1.1)

New Road PR, which is a nice takeaway in the heat. Annoyed with myself more than anything. The second mile, really, 1.5 - 2, was sad. I lost probably ten seconds on the field after the turnaround because 1) I got lazy on the 180 and didn't get right back up to speed and 2) I thought I was running too close to the effort threshold instead of competing. Evan put a gap on me at that point and one other person passed me. Woke up the last mile and tried to close the gap that I let form. Caught one guy and nearly closed it on Evan.

At this point, it doesn't really seem to matter the distance, I keep making the same mistake in not pushing through that first wave of pain or at least waiting for myself to feel better instead of just realizing that no matter the distance, racing doesn't feel good. That being said, this wasn't a bad race.