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800 m


4:16 mi

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Again, the time does not really show what this race was about. This is my first legitimate double in over a year and probably the best I have come back in the 800 after a 15. At the beginning, I got blown out at the start. I just did not feel like I had the leg speed to keep up with the front group, so I went to the back again. Went through 200 in 29, 400 in 61. Still felt pretty controlled. 600 was probably 1:33-4. After 600, I started grimacing, but I am not sure why because I felt alright. I kicked down a few people who absolutely died. I still felt like I left a couple seconds out there today in this race too, which is not a bad thing since this is my first consistent, healthy* meet in a long time. I am happy with today though, and found motivation to run the 1500 again, which I did not have before.