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5.7 mi


6:05 mi


6:00, 5:53, 6:59 (Nick Young Meme), 5:16 (Nick Young Meme again), 6:01, 4:29.

Allerton trail run today. Only wanted to get the win today. Race was very similar to last year in that it was just me and one other person for a couple miles, but this time it was marked the entire time. I wanted to drop him so I pushed pretty early. Footing was pretty tough today. It rained last night, so footing bounced back and forth between treacherous and slippery. I'd say that this effort would amount to about the same as last year, which is good since I was a week away from a PR in the half at that point. Looking forward to what's next.

No acid reflux today. Changed things up a little bit. Had half a banana with some honey (the Hebert Special) and really just a sip or two of coffee that I swished around. So, maybe that's how we'll do things going forward.