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11:45 AM

11.7 mi


9:48 mi


50 F


Best conditions for a run this year (2014). While there is snow piled all over, this is the first time this year that I wasn't running on ice and snow, avoid "ponds" of water (Snow on both sides of a sidewal with a pond of water in the middle...and no wher to go but backwards), numerous puddle4s (wet feet), etc. That being said I are more injured now than ever and the marathon in White Sands is next week. I have babied my body over the past months--ice every night (at least once a night) and motrin. My achillies, while not good, is much. much better (Still a long way to go with healing). The problem now is both my knees are taking all the pounding....and a pounding they are taking...most especially my left knee (which I think is the cause of my righ achillies issue). Soon as this marathon is over, running (at least long distances) is done and over for a while--to let my lower half heal. It will be on to strenght training on the upper body....