Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

5.74 km32:56.105:45Serendah 6K lap7/25/2010View Race
6.05 km42:09.186:59Putrajaya Challenge Park5/12/2013View Race
6.92 km36:21.705:16Team Malaysia Fan Run course12/31/2012View Race
7.25 km36:33.115:03Milo Breakfast Run route4/20/2014View Race
7.47 km38:56.515:13Milo Breakfast Run route5/19/2013View Race
7.70 km39:28.125:08Putrajaya Wetlands2/23/2014View Race
8.58 km49:535:49Taman Botani Putrajaya2/27/2016View Race
8.84 km55:51.906:20Nike 10K course10/10/2010View Race
9.27 km48:32.855:15Melawati 10K route2/16/2014View Race
9.46 km49:33.765:15KEC 10K route3/17/2013View Race
9.47 km52:295:33Melawati 10K route1/17/2016View Race
9.66 km56:19.885:50Lake Gardens 10K course3/22/2015View Race
9.83 km49:55.745:05Team Malaysia Fan Run course12/1/2013View Race
9.92 km55:05.775:34Lake Gardens 10K course8/23/2015View Race
9.94 km54:50.035:31Stadium UKM5/15/2011View Race
10.00 km1:03:13.826:20Adidas KOTR 201110/2/2011View Race
10.05 km1:08:11.666:48Siemens Run course9/25/2011View Race
10.40 km58:565:40EE Run course4/15/2017View Race
10.49 km56:21.755:23Puma Night Run 20168/20/2016View Race
10.55 km1:00:025:42Maritime Run 10K12/10/2017View Race
10.60 km1:02:015:52Antara Gapi Hill Run10/30/2016View Race
10.73 km56:26.125:16Larian Bomba course5/11/2014View Race
10.77 km56:01.285:13KEC 10K route4/13/2014View Race
10.86 km59:12.525:28Larian Bomba course5/8/2011View Race
11.02 km1:03:115:45Larian Bomba course5/2/2010View Race
11.39 km1:00:115:18NBOS run 11K8/14/2016View Race
11.72 km1:08:145:50Lake Gardens 10K course1/10/2016View Race
11.97 km1:05:175:28Pusat Akuatik Lap2/21/2016View Race
12.09 km1:12:10.405:59Klang Pacers 12K route10/31/2010View Race
12.20 km1:05:335:23Compressport Cyberjaya 12km4/24/2016View Race
12.30 km1:13:085:57Men's Health Shape run course7/31/2010View Race
12.82 km1:52:528:49Semenyih Eco Resort trail4/2/2017View Race
13.50 km1:20:506:00IJM Besraya 13k7/30/2017View Race
14.08 km1:23:145:55PPTD course3/12/2016View Race
14.33 km1:32:146:27WUF Race 20182/11/2018View Race
14.47 km1:32:496:25NB 15K course5/16/2010View Race
14.64 km1:32:196:19RCBB 15K course3/27/2016View Race
14.69 km1:25:595:52MQA Run 201711/11/2017View Race
15.00 km1:27:355:51Reach out run 15K7/24/2016View Race
15.23 km1:29:385:54Setia Alam8/6/2017View Race
15.40 km1:25:515:35100Plus Outrunner 20164/16/2016View Race
15.48 km1:34:476:082017 Sea Games run8/19/2017View Race
15.82 km1:27:58.505:34Mizuno Wave Run Putrajaya6/9/2013View Race
16.59 km1:34:10.675:41Adidas KOTR9/9/2012View Race
19.93 km2:03:50.016:13ENR2011 course4/16/2011View Race
20.28 km2:02:34.836:03Seremban Half Marathon8/17/2014View Race
20.32 km2:01:43.786:00Seremban Half Marathon7/24/2011View Race
20.39 km2:12:36.476:31Kuantan HM course5/31/2015View Race
20.50 km2:07:34.146:14PJ Half Marathon course9/30/2012View Race
20.62 km1:56:345:40Seremban Half Marathon9/4/2016View Race
20.71 km2:25:097:01Energizer Nite Run course3/27/2010View Race
20.79 km2:05:066:02TM Fan run 21K 20167/17/2016View Race
21.00 km2:10:356:14PBIM Half Marathon course11/21/2010View Race
Half Marathon2:08:586:08GE Bubble run HM10/23/2016View Race
21.19 km2:01:515:46Putrajaya Night Marathon course10/20/2012View Race
21.23 km1:58:34.895:36SCKLM Half Marathon course6/24/2012View Race
21.32 km2:26:256:53IJM NPE HM7/29/2018View Race
21.46 km2:00:36.545:38SCKLM Half Marathon course8/7/2016View Race
21.64 km2:12:416:08SCKLM Half Marathon course4/8/2018View Race
21.72 km2:20:096:28PJ Half marathon7/23/2017View Race
21.85 km2:22:59.566:33Melaka River International Marathon6/8/2014View Race
22.55 km2:29:17.206:38Newton New Year 25K12/29/2013View Race
24.21 km2:42:37.606:44Newton New Year 25K1/1/2012View Race
24.30 km2:51:55.907:05Malakoff Penang 20113/27/2011View Race
30.77 km3:42:147:14Newton Challenge 30km 201710/15/2017View Race
42.99 km6:02:458:27PBIM Full marathon11/26/2017View Race