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10:25 AM

26.2 mi


7:15 mi


43 F

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Boston Marathon

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Had a pretty good training cycle. Only issue was weight. After Baystate's sub 3 and qualifying for 2016 there was no pressure on me. I'd only go for it if the weather was in my favor. Today it wasn't and I didn't want to bury myself for a time I knew wouldn't represent my fitness so I jumped back a wave and ran smart with Bucci.

Despite 2 bathroom breaks each in the first half we rolled steady from the start to the finish. We even negative split the mofo! In fact, I ran my fastest 2nd half of Boston by 1 second. We really ran the hills well -- up and ESPECIALLY down. There's a lot more down and flat than up so it paid off.

After 24 miles I measured out .2 mile and subtracted our time from 3:10. That was 14 minutes even. I knew that would be a tall order but we just ran a 7:02 so we carried on it out and then hit the gas down Boylston. I've never run down Boylston so fast. It was a blur and then we hit the line. Our last complete mile was by far the fastest.

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Finish: Pace Proj. Time Offl. Time Overall Gender Division

0:07:15 3:09:43 3:09:43 4585 4195 729



easy peasy lemon squeezy!


nice math late in a race, I always need a calculator by that point