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8:48 AM

2.5 mi


5:56 mi


85 F

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Winchester Town Day Road Race

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Went out with lead runners then settled in about 30 feet behind the leader. Decided to hang there where he couldn't hear me and run the race tactically. Kinda fun to be up with a cruiser and two cops on Harleys. Just hung there but it got hotter and hotter. Course was semi twisty and undulating. The news photographer took a pic of the lead runner at soon after mile 1 and when I passed he put his camera down. All I could think at this point was "hey asshole, how do you know I'm not going to win this fucker." Final half mile was mostly uphill. That just sucked. In that final stretch I slowed and suffered badly. The 6:20 pace is embarrassing but it was up hill, afterall. I crossed the line first in my FCKNG SNGLT but nobody was taking photos so I'm pretty sure it never happened.

For less than 15 minutes of work I took home the last thing I need right, another pair of shoes. I'll probably gift them.


Ntown Kevin

Beat him handily too. Nice work. With any luck it'll be his mug with your name in the local rag...


Ha! Turns out he was in for the 5 miler. I didn't have the guts to set the pace. Out of my element with such an entourage. Still a ton of fun. Wanted a better time but course and conditions were challenging.