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9:00 AM

5 km


6:22 mi


166 bpm
174 bpm


38 F

Race Result

5 / 193 (2.6%)

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Melrose Spooky Sprint 5K (Pushing William)

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Another fun run pushing William. This was a 49 second PR for us. The goal was to go sub 20 while pushing almost 100 lbs and I ended up running it somewhat conservatively as was evident by finishing faster than we started. Actually I'm pretty happy with the third mile split because the long slow rise on Main St. usually slows me a bit. Despite pushing William I ran that last mile within 15 second of my solo time from last month on the same course.

Lot's of fun and had a conversation about racing 5Ks much of the way. Talked about people gong out too fast and reeling them back in, mile splits, and the point in the race where things are pretty settled. William also learned about running tangents and, of course, likes passing people and kept good track of our place. We started out in 9th and worked up to 5th.

Ran 18:22 on the same course last month.

Note: They messed up the timing (I was 27 seconds too fast!) and I emailed the timing company. They checked the backup and fixed everything.