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10:04 AM

5 km


6:15 mi


75 F

Race Result

2 / 146 (1.4%)


Perfect type of race to run with William. Arrived with plenty of time but the check-in line was jammed up and spent 15 minutes waiting to get a bib that I pre registered for. Started the race with no expectations, just run. We did that. Kept the effort comfortable. I think the speedwork is paying off. The course was a little rolling and winding which is challenging when pushing 150lbs in front of you. Around mile 2 I had to shout at a volunteer for directions - right or left - since I hadn't scoped the course one bit. At this point I was running hard and tasted like I had a penny in my mouth. Around mile 2.5 I ran right by a volunteer at an intersection who just waved and cheered us on. William told me he thinks we were supposed to have turned so I stopped and asked and was told yes - she didn't even shout after us... Looking at the video I see she was just standing on the corner watching me go by. Easily lost 12 seconds and some momentum. So, I waited for a big box truck to get out of my way before running again. At this point the two people behind almost caught us so I kicked it like hell because the end was near and I was just a little pissed.

Finished with a nice 15 second PR so happy with that. William was a blast to listen to on the run and totally took my mind off the pain. Tons of fun.