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8:08 AM

20 mi


7:04 mi


35 F

Race Result

31 / 327 (9.5%)
12 / 57 (21.1%)

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Black Cat 20 Miler

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Two laps. The first felt somewhat easy but the second wasn't. Ran every mile the second lap faster than on the first lap. Beat my goal by over 2 minutes but I had to turn myself inside out to keep it under 7 min per mile for the last 5 miles and turn in a negative split.

10 Mile Splits 1:12:30 / 1:08:32. 4 minute negative split! Interestingly the time from my second split would have gotten me the exact same placing in the 10 mile race (31st).

Decided to broadcast my run via runkeeper as a test for family and friends who want to watch me at Boston. Semi-fail. The GPS in the iPhone seems to suck badly and measured the course at 20.85 miles. Folks at home watching must have thought I was on fire. See for yourself: