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8:33 AM

5 km


5:51 mi


64 F

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Ran up to the race and back making it part of a long run. Had no big plans other than running steady to something under 19. The race started stupid, stupid fast for lots of folks around. Running through mile 1 the volunteer called out 5:53 to our large crowd, even 4 or 5 women. I figured this while group wasn't running low 18s so I ran steady and passed through most of them. As I passed a 15-16 year old at about mile 1.3 he surged in an exaggerated way kinda to let me know he was racing me. At about mile 2 he told his mom to shut up when she shouted encouragement so I called back to him to come up and race. Dunno if that was good or not but he was being an ass - or he was just talking to himself.

Worked really hard to keep pace while relaxing. I think it helped. Miles 2 and 3 were faster and I surged to the end only to be passed like I was standing still by a kid in his 20s.

Great august result for the effort. Great indicator for the fall. I feel like I ran in complete control of my pace and had some reserve. The run home wasn't horrible.

14.8 miles for the long run.

Racewire timing and results were a mess. I and many others weren't on the results due to chip failure. They didn't have a backup. When I saw the initial results I talked to the timers who just entered the time from my watch into the results. Others who didn't follow up may have been left off the results or given guessed times. I don't think this was sorted out for the awards so I hope someone else enjoyed my AG win prize, which is all for the better since I left before the awards.



Nice Race Chris!!


All credit goes to Mother Nature. 64, overcast, and acceptable humidity... in August???