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8:01 AM

13.1 mi


6:18 mi


55 F

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Baystate Half Marathon

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This was originally the goal race for the fall but I didn't have the August/September I hoped so had lowered my expectations until I had a great run in Nahant which made me realize that I needed to run this one as if I was going for PR. That's not an easy task since the half is one of my better PRs.

Race was mostly uneventful. Mentally it felt like the quickest half I've run. I maintained great focus on pacing myself the whole way. After running through the headwind on the first half of loop one I decided I'd back off the effort during the second go round through the headwind and really work it from the crest of the Rourke Bridge to the finish with the assist of the tail wind. At mile 10 I did the math on what was needed to finish at PR and realized there was no room for error and worked it to the end weaving through half marathon walkers, etc... Body ached all over but it worked out. A 20+ second PR!

Crazy even split. Ran the second half about 3 seconds faster than the first:

1 Manual 6.59 mi 41:15.59 41:15.59 6:16

2 Manual 6.59 mi 41:12.41 1:22:28 6:16



Nice race, especially the way you bore down on the last 3-4 miles. That's a really good sign. Congrats.


Wow way to bring it in strong, congrats Chris