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11:00 AM

8 km


5:55 mi


45 F
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Shawn said take it out hard and rely on your endurance, hit the 5K at 18:30, and run with Barbour. Did all that and it worked out perfectly.

Was a master class in racing running with John. First 5K was under control and the last 3K were passing folks. He gapped me by a few seconds when passing a bigger group but I worked to keep the gap as tight as I could. Last 2 miles were surreal looking around at they guys I was running with. Some really great runners in our group. Best race of the series to have a good day. Probably my best effort since last spring and only PR (2 seconds) of the year. Going in I didn't think I had a snowball's chance of matching last year's time. I love being wrong.