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6:31 PM

5 km


6:20 mi


75 F

Race Result

10 / 155 (6.5%)


Stroller PR! Eight second PR! Son is a bit heavier (10 years old now) but ... PR! First PR of 2012 that's legit. We've run enough of these together and set our previous PR of 19:46 was set when I was pretty fit.

Great time running. The goal was to go out fast and either pull it off or go out in a ball of flame. We pulled it off. Had a great time chit chatting along the way with William. That seemed to keep my mind off the pain of racing. One of my favorite parts was watching William smoothly grab a cup of water and down it without spilling a drop at the half way point. He really felt like he was racing everyone with me. It was tough and I had to dig deep the whole way. Finishing on the grass pushing his run chair was brutal. When I saw the clock ticking in the low 19s I knew I had to dig deep and got that PR.