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6:51 PM

5 km


6:26 mi


81 F
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Had cooled down some and there was a nice breeze which would make a decent tailwind on the exposed lake section. I think it died down a bit during the run but sure didn't hurt.

Garmin had gone to sleep by the start so I lost some seconds there. Fortunately it kicked back in within 30 seconds. This caused me to fall into a bad position in traffic. Later in the first mile I went on the wrong side of a curb and had to come to a near complete stop to get William up smoothly. Spent a bit of effort negotiating getting on and off the sidewalk, sometimes taking the long route. Also, didn't have the front wheel aligned so my right shoulder was killing be by the end.

The humidity kicked in and I kept the effort high. Had a few moments of wanting to puke in the last mile but kept going.

Due to the heat I was looking for just under 21 so was suprised to duck under 20. That's always nice when pushing the boy. He's had a big, big growth spurt and it's not getting easier at all. His weight plus the stroller is almost equal to mine.

The first half of the run was spent trying to explain why we weren't further up the pack and then why we couldn't catch up to the front. Fortunately we picked off a couple guys in the last mile and that made him happy. Was a good run considering the temps, humidity and that I already ran 11 miles today. I'm pretty sure the boy enjoyed too.



Like that William wants to be up at front :) Awesome run!!


Ha, thanks! The funny part is when we're running next to someone and William starts asking me to pass the guy. I can't imagine what that guy is thinking when he looks over and sees us running next to him. He should just run faster, I guess.