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6:31 PM

5 km


7:12 mi


90 F

Race Result

18 / 130 (13.8%)
6 / 28 (21.4%)

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FORR 5K (Pushing William)

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Holy hell that third mile was slow. Must have been because I went back to setup the cone we knocked over rounding a corner on the field. Had a blast running with William and pushing about 100lbs in the 90 degree heat but it's apparent that you need to actually run and train if you want to run well. I suppose a pretty good effort for someone who has only run about 10 miles in the last two months. Not running lately was a much bigger factor than the heat. Leg didn't hurt and still doesn't. I'm looking forward to seeing what it says tomorrow. Chit chatted with William and others the whole run, probably annoying everyone but William.