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7:02 PM

26.2 mi


7:20 mi


155 bpm
177 bpm


50 F

Race Result

209 / 1565 (13.4%)
74 / 285 (26%)

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Baystate Marathon

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What you see is what you get, and you ain't seen nothing yet.

Solid effort for a BQ. I'm satisfied.

I accidentally started my Garmin about 1:20 before the race so I had no idea of my pacing until the first clock at two miles. At that point I eased up and watched the world go past me until about mile 8-9. From miles 8-9 I ran with everyone except for the bathroom break setback. From mile 23 to the end I started passing people, and passing people. Though I could feel the lactic acid build up slowly setting into my quads at about mile 18 it didn't become a noticeable issue until about 23. Despite this I tried to run the last two miles at sub 7 but couldn't pull it off. When I turned onto the last bridge I could feel my legs finally turn to jelly. I kept a strong pace to the end and, finally, about 20-30 paces past the finish line I was barely able to walk. I never hit the "glycogen depletion wall." If I could have kept the lactic build up more at bay I could have gone faster. Breathing and heart-rate were always under control. I never went to any dark places. I never had tunnel vision. It was just a long hard run that allowed me to smell the roses and enjoy the sites and experience.

Perfect conditions, was perfectly dressed with gloves and arm warmers, and ran a perfect evenly paced race. The only issue I've got to work on is bathroom breaks. I stopped three times including taking a dump at about mile 9.

So, the run was mostly unremarkable. I just showed up, executed and did what I needed to do.


Half splits were roughly: 1:35:22 / 1:36:43

Looks like I did get that sub 7 mile I was trying for in the end. According to the garmin the last 1.33 miles were run at 6:54 pace. The last 2.33 miles were run at a 6:57 pace.

According to the Garmin the first 5K was run in 21:39 and the final 5K was run in 21:54 or a 7:03 mile pace.

My goal was to run a 7:20 pace marathon which is 3:12:08. I was 7 seconds faster.