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6:28 PM

5 km


6:16 mi


76 F

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FORR 5K (Pushing William)

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Fifth FORR, Fourth FORR pushing the boy. Fastest time by 10 seconds.

Massive headache and exhausted today from working too much and not sleeping enough. Would have skipped the race if I hadn't already signed up and gone the last four years. Had some organic knock off of 5 Hour Energy from Whole Paycheck and that seemed to kill my headache and lethargy better than a few drinks.

Race started a little hectic then I settled in to a fast for strolling first mile and felt good. Hung on for the middle mile and the same for the last. I knew I was fading but did the math on what I needed for a comfortable sub 20 and was working towards that. With about a quarter mile to go I noticed a stroller about 10-15 yard behind and gaining. Oh, shit! This guy's going to pass me just before the finish. From that point I pushed like hell through the gravel and grass to not get passed. Either I held him off or he didn't bother passing me. I was so exhausted at the end I couldn't think straight and had no idea how to stop my watch.

Turns out we missed our 5K PR by just 5 seconds. Not bad at all.