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8:30 AM

30 km


6:43 mi


55 F

Race Result

73 / 353 (20.7%)
8 / 23 (34.8%)

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Nahant 30K


This went well. I thought my time from Stu's (when I was fitter) would be tough to beat but after about 8 miles felt very comfortable and strong so I just rolled with it and dialed it in like I was running a half. The hills were over hyped--Stu's is harder. Only mile 16 was rough. All the other hills offered ample opportunity to more than make up any lost time. Garmin was way off on the splits. Super happy to break 2:05.

Breaking the to 80 in a Gran Prix race is sweet.

Solid negative split:

1 Manual 15.05 km 1:03:22.17 1:03:22.17 6:47

2 Manual 15.05 km 1:01:32.18 2:04:54.35 6:35

73 134 Chris Hancock 40 M 8/23 M4044 Melrose MA GREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS 2:04:56 6:43 2:05:02 6:43

Day after assessment: legs feel surprisingly good considering the distance. Did not turn myself inside out in the second half like I did at stu's. Second 15K split was about 20 seconds slower but I was in much more control. Race felt like a bit of a breakthrough in pacing longer stuff at speeds needed for sub 3. In fact the run translates to just sub 3. Now I just need to put the pieces together.



Your a freaking animal !! Nice job!!