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11:02 AM

5 km


5:39 mi


167 bpm
177 bpm


48 F

Race Result

20 / 5112 (0.4%)
3 / 686 (0.4%)

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Ras na hEireann

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What a surprise. I got to Somerville an hour and a half before the race to get a parking spot close to the start and to recon the course. First I rode the course on my bike noting the route and topography and the lines I wanted to run. Next I ran the course as a warm up further noting the topography and planning my strategy. Upon realizing how undulating the course was I regretted not running the other "ras" in Cambridge. Much of the first half mile was up hill. There were other rollers along the way that I thought would be extra tough at 5K effort...

The actual race was pretty straight forward. I was happy not to have faded. In fact, I ran every mile faster than the last. I spent the first half of the race following the lead woman. I recognized her from the Hangover Classic 10K on New Years when I ran the first 6 miles behind her before finally passing. She's a good runner so it was interesting to mark my last two month's progress agains't her's. I passed her earlier and beat her by a larger margin. She was the winning woman.

So, I don't think this was my best race and I could have gone faster on a flatter course. I ran the first mile "softly." I'm eager to take some swings at the 5K later this spring and see how much lower I can go this year.

This is my best PR yet. I love 5Ks. The icing on the cake was that I wasn't spent from my effort and had a great energetic day with my family afterwards.