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8:30 AM

5 mi


6:08 mi


Wasn't entirely 100% for this race - dealing with a strained muscle (either sartorius or vastus medialis)

Third time racing the Northcoast Challenge 5 miler. It's one of the fastest fields around, with $1k prize money to first man and woman and additional bonus for course records. Last year I set PR in 30:36. Nine weeks ago raced July 4 five miler in a suspected short course 29:57. Weekly speed workouts have been good and I set a goal of 5:55 per mile to try to crack 30 again.

Warm-up good. Finished with 4x strides about 5 minute before start.

I started out in what I thought was conservatively, aiming for 5:55 in mile one and ended up with 6:03 split. The field was breaking up and I found my place in pack and split mile two 6:06. Huh? I guess it was one of those days where I just didn't have it. In the third mile was a little excitement - I finally caught a 10 yo boy who was holding his own. Also, I traded spots with a fella who would surge-sprint every time I passed (running steady). This happened three times and on the fourth I never saw him again. Crossing mile three in 6:12 I knew my day was off. Also at the three marker, I passed a final runner with a huge (30+ seconds) gap to the runner ahead. I ran alone with no other competition to pull me ahead. Miles 4 & 5 in 6:14 and 6:03.

Good event - certified course. Just didn't have the A-game today.

Final 30:39 (my watch)

Splits: 6:03/6:06/6:12/6:14/6:03

Not sure where I finished but the placing was not bad, nor was I likely for AG awards in this competitive event. I little disappointed, but the race serves as a good marker for fitness and what I need to do in the next phase of training.