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8:43 AM

10 km


6:25 mi

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Bedford Rotary 10km

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Nice day for the Bedford Rotary 10km race. 60F and breezy with fall colors and leaves flying around. Too bad only 27 runners showed up. Decided last moment to jump in a race for a fitness check.

Took a look around at the start for any steely eyed runners and there was a 20-something couple I caught up with in the warm-up. The guy was pacing the woman for a "36-minute" goal. Knew right then that today's run was going to be essentially a solo time trial. Course is nice but with more hills than ideal: Start downtown Bedford. Head east on Solon Rd for 2.5 miles, south on Richmond Rd, Hawthorne Parkway to Broadway and return to town.

Started out the day with vauge idea for 6:20 pace and 6:15 if things went well. First two miles in 6:06 and 6:18 yet the 20-somethings had 1/4 mile gap on me by Richmond Rd. Lost sight of them entering the park. Substantial uphill in the 3rd and 4th miles slowed the pace to 6:36 and 6:35. Passed mile 4 at 25:50 and figured it was going to be a struggle to break 40-min. Thank goodness the next 1.5 miles are down the parkway before the last climb up Broadway to the finish. Miles 5 and 6 in 6:22 and 6:21.

Finish in 39:48 and third place. First two finish in 38:02 with fourth in 41:30. A small race.

Technically, I don't have many 10K road races in my history - Aug 2008 at Blossom and June 2003 are the only 10K road races in my training log. Though I've run faster 10ks within my best 10-mile and half-marathon races, technically this run is a new 10k PR.

Howard said the course is certified, so there is that. Check the map for elevation chart.