Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

400.00 m0:593:58NYGAARD Pentathlon11/19/2009View Race
800.00 m2:13.784:30Track Meet4/27/1998View Race
1500.00 m4:204:39NYGAARD Pentathlon11/18/2010View Race
1.00 mi4:364:36Grand Blue Mile4/26/2011View Race
3000.00 m9:084:54Random Garmin12/10/2010View Race
3200.00 m10:005:02Panora District Track Meet5/15/1999View Race
4.00 km12:535:12Drake XC @ Ewing Park9/4/2009View Race
5.00 km15:084:53Maxwell 5K8/6/2011View Race
3.30 mi18:205:34Sedona 5k5/29/2013View Race
6.00 km20:065:24Central College XC9/5/2009View Race
3.91 mi20:525:21Market to Market Leg 145/11/2013View Race
4.00 mi22:445:41XC Meet9/8/2000View Race
4.40 mi23:575:27Ragnar Great River8/22/2009View Race
8.00 km25:325:09Shamrock Shuffle (Bank of America)4/10/2011View Race
5.00 mi25:425:098K Equivalent9/24/1999View Race
5.30 mi32:496:12Living History Farms11/21/1998View Race
5.40 mi31:305:505/10/2014View Race
5.70 mi33:205:51Living History Farms11/20/1999View Race
5.75 mi31:285:29Market to Market Leg 75/11/2013View Race
10.00 km31:475:07Run for Ronald - Des Moines5/15/2010View Race
6.60 mi35:395:25Ragnar Great River8/20/2010View Race
6.70 mi38:155:43Ragnar Great River8/21/2010View Race
6.80 mi41:006:02Ragnar Great River8/22/2008View Race
11.00 km44:206:30Loop of Pain2/19/2009View Race
7.00 mi37:015:18Bix 7 7/24/2010View Race
11.50 km38:355:24Coin3/1/2010View Race
12.00 km41:075:31Living History Farms11/19/2011View Race
7.80 mi42:155:25Ragnar Great River8/19/2011View Race
8.30 mi46:365:37Ragnar Great River8/22/2009View Race
8.70 mi48:185:34Ragnar Great River8/21/2010View Race
9.60 mi52:005:25Ragnar Great River8/18/2012View Race
10.00 mi53:005:182011 Park to Park MH split4/19/1910View Race
20.00 km1:07:385:27Dam to Dam 20K6/4/2011View Race
Half Marathon1:09:225:18Park to Park9/10/2011View Race
Marathon2:29:025:42Chicago Marathon10/9/2011View Race
50.00 km3:38:28.117:02Training Run11/15/2014View Race
31.60 mi3:49:147:16booneville 50k5/24/2014View Race