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Eastman Photo Finish 5k

Well, goal was to get back out there and get the legs moving again. Beyond that I didn't really have hard goals, although being under 20 was kind of in back of my mind. I know Erie was only 3 weeks ago but I felt confident in my turnover. Chilly morning, coldest it has been around here in a while. Slept in a bit, so rushed around getting ready and taking care of the dogs, and forgot my racing flats- at least I had my Kinvara's on so still relatively light.

I liked this course, and I ran the tangents well (for once). Told myself I wouldn't look at my watch between miles. Mile 1 was 6:06, which felt okay but not great. Mile 2 was 6:18 (womp womp) but I kept the guys in front of me in my line of sight and just focused on that. I was back and forth with 2 other guys in the 3rd mile which helped me push and have a 6:06 mile 3 which felt the strongest of the day. Last .11 @5:30 pace cruising in for 19:07 and first female (6th overall), and my second fastest 5k. I'm really happy with that time, and feel like I'm officially out of Erie recovery and did it the smart way (for me). Just in time to run Chicago Marathon with Britt next weekend!