Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

200.00 m0:282:20200 M2/2/2014View Race
400.00 m1:052:43400 M1/30/2010View Race
800.00 m2:19.782:55800 M9/23/2012View Race
1500.00 m4:42.973:091500 M9/22/2012View Race
2.82 km9:573:323000 M11/11/2017View Race
3000.00 m10:263:293000 M2/2/2014View Race
3.40 km12:503:47PEŞİMDEN KOŞ - DENİZLİ12/19/2015View Race
3.89 km13:513:34ATADAN ANAYA ZÜBEYDE HANIM KOŞUSU5/10/2015View Race
4.16 km15:523:49Muğla 10 Kasım Atatürk Koşusu11/10/2019View Race
5000.00 m17:503:3419. Atatürk’e Saygı Gençlik Yol Koşusu11/16/2011View Race
5.74 km22:213:54DUMLUPINAR 5 K8/30/2013View Race
5.85 km22:403:53BELGRAD ORM. NEŞET SUYU PARKURU5/4/2014View Race
6000.00 m21:453:386000 M6/5/2011View Race
7.00 km26:043:44NİKE RUN İSTANBUL9/29/2013View Race
7.32 km29:284:0212.GAZİ KOŞUSU9/22/2013View Race
7620.00 m28:453:47İZMİR 9 EYLÜL YARI MARATONU9/11/2011View Race
8.03 km29:253:40ST.JOHN YARIŞI5/9/2015View Race
8.20 km32:043:55Cumhuriyet Şehitleri Ulusal Koşusu12/23/2013View Race
8.82 km32:313:42ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/25/2015View Race
9190.00 m34:113:44ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/30/2011View Race
9.56 km37:213:55DUMLUPINAR 10K8/30/2020View Race
9.70 km35:293:40ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/26/2014View Race
10000.00 m37:273:45ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/27/2013View Race
10.20 km38:513:49ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/30/2016View Race
10.36 km39:543:52BODRUM GLOBAL4/30/2017View Race
10600.00 m37:283:3376. BÜYÜK ATATÜRK KOŞUSU12/27/2011View Race
10.70 km39:573:45ZEYTİNBURNU CUMHURİYET KOŞUSU10/28/2018View Race
11000.00 m40:293:41ATATÜRK KOŞUSU 201012/27/2010View Race
11.20 km44:554:01NEW BALANCE BÜYÜK ADA YOL KOŞUSU9/15/2013View Race
11.25 km45:554:05BELGRAD ORM. NEŞET SUYU PARKURU9/13/2015View Race
12.00 km49:434:09ULUDAĞ YOL KOŞOSU 12 K8/18/2013View Race
15.00 km57:383:51AVRASYA11/16/2014View Race
Half Marathon1:19:473:47İZMİR 9 EYLÜL YARI MARATONU9/8/2013View Race
21.34 km1:22:203:52ADANA YARI MARATONU1/10/2021View Race
23.11 km1:52:574:54Kartal Gölü8/24/2019View Race
40.46 km3:58:475:55SAPANCA 40 K ULTRA6/16/2019View Race
Marathon2:55:324:10BERLİN MARATHON9/28/2014View Race
54.89 km4:58:235:27Frig Ultra 54 K9/21/2019View Race