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9:33 AM

5 km


4:05 km


170 bpm
185 bpm

Race Result

11 / 182 (6%)
1 / 8 (12.5%)
11 / 94 (11.7%)



I've been sick with a stomach bug so been laid low for a week. Ran yesterday and it was horrible. So with that perpetration I didn't know what to expect today given that I was previously in the best form of my life.

Set off at a comfortable page and genuinely didn't know how far I was running until the 1km beep. Sub 4 pace, and it didn't feel too hard. The next km was not super flat but not hilly either and was slow enough for me to realise that sub 20 was not close enough to push my sick body for. For the next 2 km I didn't push hard. Kept a steady pace until two guys caught up with me. After a wee while I decided to speed up and left them behind.

A decent push towards the end and I was pretty surprised to get 20:25. Maybe sub 20 was not so out of reach after all!