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7:40 AM

15 km


5:00 km


73.6 kg
172 bpm
183 bpm


Race Result

657 / 5557 (11.8%)
400 / 2426 (16.5%)
546 / 2722 (20.1%)
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I knew beforehand that there was no chance of a silver medal. But a PB, perhaps?

Forecast was for rain and it did drizzle near the end but the downpour didn't you arrive until after the race. I was a bit conservative with placement on the start line and as a result the first 2km were very crowded. Km2 was especially hard to run my own pace hence why it is slow.

I planned on running a know even pace as last year I went out too hard and had to walk parts. That went fairly well and I felt pretty comfortable for the first 10km even if the heart rate is a bit high. Grönstabacken was right after the water stop so I took a tactical break to get water but mostly to recharge belle the hill. By that point I was convinced that a PB was not possible (indeed I was 1 minute behind) so I resolved to aim to simply not walk any stretches.

Running up Grönsta was probably a mistake though as the woman walking next to me was almost the same pace! But I did manage to keep the legs moving and tried to hold back to avoid stopping. When the 13km sign appeared I knew I was safe as I remembered that it was mostly downhill from here.

I pushed a bit when I realised the finish was near and I was very surprised to hear the announcer mention that sub 75 was possible (for another runner). I turned the corner into the finish straight and the clock said 74 mins and a few seconds. Sprinted as hard as I could and came in 14 seconds under 75! And a 18 second PB!

Very surprised! If I'm honest I was probably holding back a bit too much on the last few kms but not by a higher amount. A minute, maybe?