Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

800.00 m1:58.904:00D1 New Englands2/26/2005View Race
1500.00 m4:04.284:23Meet in Connecticut3/27/2004View Race
1.00 mi4:224:22Last Chance Meet @ Yale3/4/2005View Race
3.00 km8:494:44LEC Championship2/12/2005View Race
2.00 mi9:584:59Meet at Umass Lowell4/15/2006View Race
2.90 mi18:256:22Frosty's Dash Snowshoe Race2/10/2008View Race
2.96 mi16:045:26Dan Ford 3 mile4/26/2014View Race
3.00 mi16:065:22Run of the Savages4/11/2015View Race
3.04 mi16:43.765:31Newton 5K9/10/2016View Race
5.00 km15:154:55Salem Fest 5k9/17/2011View Race
3.15 mi16:20.765:12An Ras Mor GP 5k3/6/2016View Race
3.18 mi22:18.227:01Freeze Your Buns 5k2/3/2019View Race
3.63 mi34:23.979:29Mt. Ascutney Road Race6/9/2018View Race
6.00 km19:385:16Nashua 6k Grand Prix5/11/2008View Race
4.00 mi21:145:19Sapienza Road Race7/20/2007View Race
4.70 mi30:276:29Wachusett Mountain Race5/28/2011View Race
4.91 mi25:235:11Ollie Road Race9/12/2009View Race
8.00 km26:455:23Franklin Park New Englands10/11/2002View Race
5.00 mi25:355:07Umass Dartmouth 5 mile10/30/2004View Race
5.40 mi30:015:34Mill Cities Relay Leg # 112/7/2014View Race
5.70 mi48:568:36Loon Mountain Race7/5/2009View Race
10.00 km32:095:11Division 1 New England Championships Northeastern University5/7/2004View Race
6.50 mi39:206:04Northfield Mountain Race5/21/2011View Race
11.61 km50:146:58Cranmore Hill Climb6/26/2011View Race
12.00 km39:385:19Bedford 12k5/16/2009View Race
7.53 mi1:18:49.3210:29Mt. Washington Road Race6/18/2016View Race
7.60 mi1:09:589:13Mt. Washington Road Race6/18/2011View Race
15.00 km54:485:53GMAA 15k Grand Prix Race Vermont8/31/2014View Race
9.93 mi1:10:53.847:09Pack Monadnock 10 Miler6/5/2016View Race
10.00 mi54:415:29Harvard 10 Mile10/1/2006View Race
20.00 km1:14:596:03Seasons 20k Acton Mass9/6/2015View Race
Half Marathon1:11:555:30New Bedford Half Marathon3/16/2008View Race
13.16 mi1:15:54.805:47New Bedford Half Marathon3/20/2016View Race
Marathon2:41:176:10Vermont City Marathon5/24/2015View Race
26.40 mi3:03:28.086:57Boston Marathon4/18/2016View Race