heelgrad92's profile   

Profession: attorney
Age: 50
Height: 1.73 m
Current Weight: 66.2 kg
Goal Weight: 65.8 kg
Location: Wilmington, NC
About me: 
45 years old, 14 marathons completed, 3:18 Marathon PR, and 17:37 PR in 5K, 39:22 in the 10K, 1:29:29 in the half marathon. Five BQ's so far, I finished the Boston Marathon in 2013 in 3:20:17 and am headed back in April, 2014.
Why do I run: 
Running is living life as it was meant to be lived, active and engaged.
Why I started running: 
Ha, I started running so that I could drink beer and eat junk without becoming a pale gelatinous blob. I keep running because I enjoy it, and because I am pretty good at it.