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8:06 AM

31 km


5:37 km


19 C
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Bhecel Park


30K race as part of Endurrun series. A very hilly race, partly on grass, partly on woodchips...

The weather was perfect, cloudy with temp from 16-22C. First 4 loops I felt great, but last too killed me.

Each loop was 5K.

Hi guys.

I ran a 30K trail race today. A very tough race, a lot of ups and downs. The trail was 2km on grass and 3km on wood chips and dirt through the woods. There were 6 loops, 5K each. First 5 loops I was doing great, very even pace, but the last one, it was so hard. Mainly on my lungs, but my legs hurt too. At the end my GPS showed 31km.

My time was 2:53:37. That is 5:37min/km or 9:02min/mile.

Loop 1: 28:05 = 5:37min/km

Loop 2: 27:42 = 5:32min/km

Loop 3: 27:30 = 5:30min/km

Loop 4: 27:20 = 5:28min/km

Loop 5: 27:43 = 5:32min/km

Loop 6: 29:48 = 5:58min/km

31st km: 5:29

It was a small race, only 35 runners, but a very good organization. We had a great meal after and a massage. My achilles tendon is still so so, it did not hurt during the race, but I feel it now.

Tomorrow is 10 miles very hilly road race, I am thinking to run that one too if my wife let me.