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8:00 PM

11.2 km


5:23 km


-4 C
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November 12:

11.2km run. Very nice run. Did talk test without problems. Picked up last 2km.

No pain AT related. Good 10 minutes stretching after workout.

Little pain on the inside heel area (left foot, 2cm from the ground on the inside (1cm below bursa)).

November 13:

Some pain in lower calves on both side when I woke up.

4km on treadmill. Miserable workout. Pain around the left heel after the run. Pinch test showed that effected area expended toward up. Now after workout I feel calves on both side.

Pain at the bottom of the heel from time to time during the day.

November 14

No running scheduled for today. Pain at the bottom of the heel (from the below) and on the sides. Sometimes pain at the top of the heel bone (where bursa is).

Legs workout with Al during lunch break.

November 15

Core class during lunch hour. Very disappointing performance. Pain on both side of the heel during and after the class (for another 10-15 minutes).

Pinch test - looks like the pain is moving up and it feels differently.