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13.1 mi


11:02 mi


11 C

Race Result

83 / 115 (72.2%)
27 / 38 (71.1%)
37 / 62 (59.7%)


Gopher Attack Half Marathon.

Start @7am: 5*C, wind 13kph. Cool but perfect conditions. Wind picked up during race.

8am: 11*C, wind 17kph. Comfortable.

9am: 14*C, wind 25kph. Wind tough in last 1/3 of race.

Training went really well. I wasn't sure what I could do. Had trouble settling into a pace, felt like it was all over the place, but I tried to manage it. Thought near the end of the first loop that legs were getting tight, but it passed. Hit the wind on 23rd avenue and struggled. Pace kept reading 11:20 and I couldn't seem to bring it down. Ran out of gas in mile 13, just tired. But I worked hard and happy with the result. Garmin read 13.21 so ran close on the tangents.

Officially race PR by 6m13. Only 1m51 off my half PR. 4th best half to date.

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13.1 mi

Gopher Attack Half Marathon