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9:58 AM

8 km


7:14 mi


163 lb
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Unlike the sheer murder I described this as in 2010, the course was very tame this time around. They chaneg the course ever so slightly each year, but it's run on the same property. This year it was warm mid 50s and the footing was better without teh snow as you could see the terrain. The new challenge this year was the free roaming draft horses. Once they saw the runners they spooked a bit and on occassion ran at the oncoming runner mob.

I went out a tad too hard, I walked about 20 steps on two of the steeper hills, I got beat by a guy older than me. I did not get chicked, I beat all in my running club and I beat an old college teammate. Tough course and with a better core I could have done better. This core thing is becoming a trend ;(