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8:15 PM

1500 m


4:48 mi


163 lb


This race was in trouble because I finished warming up and there was still a 3000m and 40 heats of the 100. I really couldn't spend the energy to run for another hour and cooled off too much. However, I knew everyone else was in the same camp. the race started off and I was in the middle of a pack getting jostled. This is TRACK baby!!! I settled in behind 4 leaders. Another guy surged past at about 300m. I spent the next 1 and a half laps in 5th. At 600, I decided I was gonna try and close this thing out. I overtook the first guy just past 600, I passed another at 400 to go and kicked for third place in the final straight. I was 3rd of 15-ish. 2 20 yr olds beat me; I can live with that.


71.x, 72.x, 74.x, 50.x for a 4:28

I know there's more in the tank, I can beat this time.