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4:54 mi


153 lb
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This was a pretty good race.

The seed sheet shows a 4:30 then me at 5:00 and 4 between 5:10-20. SO my fear was that I was time trialing tonight.

So comes the gun and #1 takes the lead. I settle in on his should and assume he's gonna pull forward and I'll take the rail. He does not vanish in front of me so I stay on his shoulder. we pass through 209.34 meters at 38. Oh crap I need 37.5 just to hit 5 and I typically positive split the mile. I stay on his shoulder assuming he just needed to warm up and now he'll go, but NO. We come through the second lap at 76+. This is not good, so on the back stretch I press the pace and go around #1. He did not like this I fear because he charges past with authority as we finish the lap. I'm ok with this, because based upon seed times he should be there and now I have someone to mark again. He runs 2 honest laps, but I recall hearing 2:31 just as we pass through the 4th lap and this is not good, my sub 5 is slipping away. Somewhere in the middle of the 5th lap I push to the lead again.

Now things get interesting. I recall making a charge from the 600 mark last week, so I may be able to salvage this with an aggressive close. He passes me with 600 to go, but I had already made a pressing move so he stayed on that pace and I marked him like a hawk. From 600-400 we upped the pace. At 400 I got up on his shoulder because I really felt strong and open with my stride. He matched this again and this 200 is now the fastest thus far. As we approach the bell lap, it's a dead heat and I make a hard move. I wind around on the outside and he senses this and let's loose with 16 yr. old afterburner. He made a dent, but I made the decision I was gonna chase this punk (he was a good kid, but in the heat of battle, everyone's a punk) down. I start closing and the crowd is going nutz. I love track. I think he senses this and finds another gear. He put some distance in on the final curve and I maintain that gap down the home stretch. He wins the race and I charge over the finish. The Lewis coach walks over to be with stopwatch in hand and says rather glibbly, when was the last time you ran a 32? I smile and ask, did I break it. Still stuck on that sub-5. He says "Oh Hell yeah! 4:53 something."

I can be happy with that.



Haven't you been around long enough to know seeds mean nothing? Especially for 16yo? Nice race especially with the Kick out of Hell.


Great race Paul! I can imagine that this feels like the race lasts for infinity and is done is seconds simultaneously. Way to kick some ass!


Well played DaBurger. People lie ; (