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Around 35 miles into the Burning River 50 miler
Profession: Physician
Age: 35
Height: 1.52 m
Current Weight: 49 kg
Goal Weight: 46.3 kg
Location: Lancaster, Ohio
About me: 
I have completed 8 marathons and love running with all of my heart. I am a sports fanatic with a strong love for music (and dogs). Running, sports, music, and dogs...that about sums me up. Marathon PR: 2015 Columbus Marathon 3:50:34
Why do I run: 
I want to see how hard I can push myself. And, honestly, it keeps me sane
Why I started running: 
I started running during my senior year of high school. I got addicted and haven't slowed since. My dad ran marathons and I made it a goal of mine to run one. I did my first marathon on April 26, 2010.