Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

4.83 km19:22.074:01Uvongo parkrun3/23/2019View Race
4.91 km18:48.033:50Run and Walk for Bibles 5km11/30/2019View Race
4.98 km20:00.214:02Bronberrick parkrun12/14/2019View Race
5.05 km19:50.403:56Midstream parkrun4/20/2019View Race
8.00 km30:493:52AGN Cross Country champs - Eldoraigne High School8/24/2013View Race
8.03 km33:16.724:09ACRW 8km Cub Champs10/5/2016View Race
8.29 km34:25.954:10AGN Cross Country champs - Eldoraigne High School8/18/2018View Race
9.92 km39:15.293:58Spar 10km Lantern Night Race (Irene)2/10/2016View Race
10.00 km38:033:49Tuks 10km2/15/2014View Race
10.06 km39:33.833:56Irene 10km10/26/2019View Race
10.11 km41:05.424:04Jacaranda City Challenge 10km10/14/2017View Race
10.56 km48:55.524:38Springbok Vasbyt 10km7/16/2016View Race
14.95 km1:00:33.034:04Phobians 15km8/17/2019View Race
15.00 km1:01:254:06Marcel Van'T Slot Memorial 15km8/16/2014View Race
10.00 mi1:11:234:27Ou Voetpad 10 miler10/4/2014View Race
20.78 km1:26:08.464:09A4 Aerobics 4 All Road Safety Run at Eco Boulevard, Ceturion12/19/2015View Race
20.84 km1:32:24.184:27PricewaterhouseCoopers George Classen 21.1km1/20/2018View Race
20.94 km1:22:03.663:56Kaapchehoop Half Marathon11/2/2019View Race
21.04 km1:30:27.854:18Craft Classic Half Marathon, Richmond, CA, USA6/17/2018View Race
Half Marathon1:22:343:55Kaapchehoop Half Marathon11/2/2013View Race
21.19 km1:27:40.724:09Intercare Classic 21km (old McCarthy Toyota)2/1/2020View Race
21.24 km1:27:30.964:08Tuks 21km2/16/2019View Race
21.27 km1:29:24.914:13Akasia 3-in-1 Half-marathon (2012 route)1/30/2016View Race
21.34 km1:28:44.164:10Wierie Road Race 21.1km8/22/2015View Race
21.42 km1:30:49.734:15Irene Spring Race 21.1km9/28/2019View Race
24.85 km2:05:07.625:03Springbok Vasbyt 25km7/11/2015View Race
25.00 km1:43:334:09Jackie Mekler 25km (2011 route)5/4/2013View Race
25.19 km1:47:21.384:16Jackie Mekler 25km5/7/2016View Race
25.31 km1:43:21.284:06Jackie Mekler 25km5/11/2019View Race
31.38 km2:24:37.294:37Kolonnade 32km3/30/2019View Race
32.00 km2:24:064:31Medihelp Sunrise Monster 32km3/1/2014View Race
32.07 km2:32:30.874:46Sunrise Monster 32km3/2/2019View Race
32.12 km2:35:39.364:51Sunrise Monster 32km3/4/2017View Race
32.24 km2:25:05.014:31Bronkhorstspruit 32km2/9/2019View Race
32.29 km2:24:39.764:29Bronkhorstspruit 32km2/10/2018View Race
32.50 km2:24:12.954:27Bronkhorstspruit 32km2/14/2015View Race
33.17 km2:38:49.984:48Wings for Life World Run (Pretoria)5/6/2018View Race
40.26 km3:01:014:30Wings for Life World Run (Pretoria)5/5/2019View Race
Marathon2:50:224:03Standerton Marathon3/21/2013View Race
42.38 km2:59:39.094:15Cape Gate Vaal Marathon3/6/2016View Race
42.43 km3:14:17.894:35Deloitte Pretoria 42.2Km2/28/2016View Race
42.51 km3:20:04.224:43Deloitte Pretoria 42.2Km2/24/2019View Race
42.65 km3:13:12.744:32Johnson Crane Marathon1/27/2019View Race
42.86 km2:59:51.234:12Cape Town Marathon9/15/2019View Race
50.00 km3:38:034:22Loskop Ultra Marathon4/21/2012View Race
50.10 km3:38:21.334:22Loskop Ultra Marathon4/13/2019View Race
50.28 km3:58:38.794:45Om Die Dam 50km3/21/2015View Race
50.40 km4:00:31.444:47Om Die Dam 50km3/12/2016View Race
56.00 km4:33:374:54Two Oceans Ultra Marathon4/19/2014View Race
86.86 km8:14:115:42Comrades Ultra-marathon (up run)6/2/2013View Race
86.96 km8:11:045:39Comrades Ultra-marathon (up run)5/29/2011View Race
87.77 km9:34:056:33Comrades Ultra-marathon (up run)5/31/2015View Race
87.88 km7:57:565:27Comrades Ultra-marathon (up run)6/9/2019View Race
89.28 km7:59:265:23Comrades Ultra-marathon (down run)6/3/2012View Race
89.96 km7:44:14.565:10Comrades Ultra-marathon (down run)5/29/2016View Race