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Name: Perry
Gender: Male
Profession: Runner
Age: 54
Height: 1.8 m
Current Weight: 74 kg
Location: Sydney, Australia
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About me: 
I'm a husband, Dad, and love the outdoors. I'm hopeless at sitting around so I run everyday, except Sunday when I ride my road bike. I swim in the ocean every morning, I surf (badly) and I get my girls outdoors as often as I can. Oh, and I love food and chocolate !
Why do I run: 
Running clears my mind and remove toxins from the day and night before. I get ideas and think clearer because of my run. I run during rain, hail or shine and I love the freedom of being able to take myself miles away all with the simple energy from my body and legs !
Why I started running: 
I was a couch potato because I was an Asthamtic as a child thru to young adult, but I removed all traces of Asthma with an amazing natural breathing technique, and then started to realise the amazing world of fitness, and off I started running !!