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11 mi


7:31 mi

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Perfect 10


Ran to and from the armory so I got an extra 1.5 miles. #bonus. Ran most of the long run with Anneliese, Megan M, and Lauren. It was very pleasant out and I think a nice long run is exactly what I needed today. I hit a wall with maybe 1.5 miles to go and fell back from the group, so whatever mile pace I put on here will be a wild guess. My groupies averaged like 7:17 so I'm gonna guess that I ended up averaging 7:25 for the LR? IDK. On the plus side my shin that hurt earlier this week felt gucci.

side note: Trying to take 2 teaspoons iron everyday but I keep forgetting to and/or running out of OJ. Planning to get it checked over sprang break.