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5 mi


7:22 mi


Easy thursday with Emma B (what a beautiful fall day Emma B, u can't deny it) and Ellie. Did 4 strides and "did core". Got accepted to study abroad in Spain next semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mariela's going too, I am very excited!!

Does anyone ever think that their brain doesn't work anymore? Feeling stressed because I actually think I am less smart than I was in high school. My brain was so quick then and now I literally cannot focus for more than 5 minutes and I have forgotten how to spell things and it's like my brain is filled with fog...doesn't seem like a good thing


Megan Mocogni

Wow!!!! Congrats!!!!


wOaH! cOnGrAtS oN gOiNg To SpAiN!!!!! aLSo, lOoK uP iMpOsTeR sYnDrOmE, iT eXpLaInS wHaT yOu'Re FeElINg. WhErE iN sPaIN?

Emily Foley

Super excited that you're going to be going to Spain! You'll have a blast, but I'll miss you :,(

I feel this way every now and then whenever I haven't been taking good care of my body. You can also think about how much smarter you've gotten at things non-school related since you moved away from home and be proud that you're a semi-functioning adult

Sara Folliard

@Emily you are wise beyond your years, thank you, I have been adulting lately. But I'll try eating more veggies and actually sleeping. And I am very excited for Europe, but I'm sad you won't be there :(

@Megan, thanks!!

@Muneeb, Granada!