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4.9 mi


Easy run, strides, core. Hot as hell today but got to run with lil Emma B, Allison, and Ellie(? i think). I forgot what it feels like to have sweat run into your eyes :/ But then I had some refreshing chocolate milk. :D I'm having another deep thinking day (that is like every day now it seems) and here's a question to think about: what is the one thing you would do if you weren't afraid? Pretty sure my one thing would be taking time off from school to travel. I'm just feeling very trapped and I don't know what I want to do with my life and I am supposed to know and I need more time to figure it out and there's so much to do in the world. But school is so pricy and I don't wanna fuck my life up but I don't really think I would but I would make my family mad and miss everyone. K those are my thoughts now back to homework hell. Sorry I am always dumping my emotional life problems in here they just come to me while I am reflecting on my running for some reason



I would go somewhere dangerous and open a school. I loved teaching and many other nations ADORE school so it'd be cool to give that to kids but I also like safety. I wanted to be a teacher for a while to give back, but giving back was so tiring and I felt like a cop out when I switched majors. I didn't want to tell my friends I wasn't going to be a teacher anymore and when I did I felt guilty. Several of my family members traveled to Jordan to work with refugees and that looks so worthwhile.