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4.5 mi


6:48 mi


Enjoyable solo evening run after class. It was a perfect crispy fall day today. The only clouds were adorable wispy cirrus clouds, one of my favorite kinds. I wanted to find a field of pumpkins and walk forever or maybe find a nice tree to climb and hang out in or build a leaf pile idk. I love fall, hope we get this perfect weather again for apple pickin'! Had a slice of apple pie at dinner to honor the occasion. Do you ever smell something and get transported back to your childhood? I smelled a fall-like tree scent today and I was blasted back to fall in the dale growing up. :) good mems



Yeah, when I smell sand, but not the sand from beaches it has to be sand in the streets, it reminds me of my grandparents when they used to visit me because they were from the Middle East and that entire sub continent has a distinct smell. Now they live down the street from us so it's even better.


Also my roommate was frying onions and that's the basis of most Indian food so it reminded me of my grandma and mom

Sara Folliard