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4 mi


8:00 mi


Chilly illy! Was planning to run all of Dead Squirrel route but I got too cold and turned around by the train station. I need to bust out my mittens and neck warmer next time I run and then I think I'll be ok. I also need to go earlier because it was dark by the time I got back home. I spent most of the day today cleaning my closet and trying to teach myself Drops of Jupiter on the piano which is hard because I don't actually know how to play the piano. I'm determined tho


Cody Lund

Great song


can we play the classic, Heart and Soul, duet (but I only know the part that goes on top, and not well at that)

Adriana Miltko

I can't wait to watch you play on the big screen

Anneliese Schulz

You go pal, keep practicing and you'll get it for sure. I can do the top part of heart and soul too. And fun fact, when I was younger when my friends would come over to my house my mom would teach them the top part and then she would play the bottom part for everyone and it was a grand ol' time

Sara Folliard

I can do both parts of heart and soul so let's play!

@Leisel that is the cutest story ever. I'm coming over and I want to play piano with Renate plz


Anneliese I read that as "my mom would teach them the pop tart". And Sara there has to be a story why it's called "Dead squirrel"

Leonel Rodriguez

if there is a story, you should tell it because I like stories