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3 km


6:19 mi

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I had fun, which was the goal. Making peace with the fact that I ran slower than my 2 mile PR in a 3k. There are more important things than my speed. I just enjoyed spending the whole day with my teammates and racing again. Sometimes I forget why I still do track/xc but today was one of the days where I'm like 'oh yeah, that's why'. This is hopefully the beginning of a new era: Sara Racing And Having Fun While Doing It. Highlight was seeing all the alums come back, we are very lucky with all the great people we meet in this club.


Noel Brindise

I think you're going to have fun while doing it, and also accidentally get really f***ing fast and be like "whoa okay oops but if you insist, legs"


All anybody is hoping for. Glad today was a success.


We are very lucky/blessed/don't deserve this/do deserve this/fortunate indeed